What is an Elder-Care Lawyer?

Many people are unfamiliar with the term elder care lawyer or elder care attorney. It's not surprising, as it's not a topic that comes up much in daily life, but it's an important thing to think about as we get older. Unique problems arise with regard to financial plans and health considerations of the older population that elder attorneys can help solve.

Elder Law Covers Many Bases

The practice of elder law is broad, and includes estate planning, financial planning, real estate, health care and housing considerations. Elder lawyers function as trusted confidants for seniors planning many financial, health related and housing related aspects as they live out their golden years.

Financial Considerations

One of the most critical aspects of an elder care attorneys' responsibilities is to ensure their clients estate is transferred to other family members, friends or charitable causes per their wishes. While one could hire an estate planning attorney for this role, having one attorney to help with a financial management plan and all elder issues makes it easier to keep track of all planning, and eases the work load on their clients.

Additionally, elder-care lawyers are experts at minimizing tax costs upon transfer of assets. Many elderly people choose to "gift" their children and grand-children regularly, and it helps to have a specialist give advice on how to write a will to ensure these gifts do not create an additional loss to inheritance tax implications.

Health Care and Housing Issues

Another responsibility of an elder lawyer is helping his or her clients find, choose and plan for health care and housing options. This may include selecting appropriate health care plans, insurance packages or even reputable nursing homes. These attorneys are given the important task of making sure their clients receive the best care they can afford. Navigating the often complicated process of medicare and medicaid, and other health options, elder lawyers work to simplify this process for their clients, and ease the burden.

Consulting with an Elder-Care Lawyer

The biggest consideration most people have with regards to retaining an elder care lawyer is the cost. Many of these specialized attorneys can cost anywhere from $200 - $700 per hour. The good news is, that most of these attorneys will offer a no-cost initial consultation, giving their clients the opportunity to meet with several different lawyers before choosing the one that fits their needs.

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