Defining Nursing Home Abuse

Assisted living abuse or nursing home abuse is far too prevalent in an industry that is supposed to care for our loved ones.  Every year, tens of thousands of elderly Americans are abused.  By learning the signs and symptoms of elder abuse and documenting elder living abuse, you can help others.  As elders become more physically frail, they’re less able to stand up to bullying or fight back if attacked.  They may not see or hear as well or think as clearly as they used to, leaving openings for unscrupulous people to take advantage of them.  Mental or physical ailments may make them more trying companions for the people who live with them.

Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

By asking questions and looking for signs of assisted living abuse or assisted living neglect, you can help prevent unnecessary instances of nursing home abuse from occurring.  This could include asking the following questions:

  • Does the home conduct background checks on all of the staff?
  • Do they provide nursing home abuse prevention training?

Defining Elder Abuse

There are various types of nursing home abuse and some of the most common include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect or abandonment
  • Financial exploitation
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Legal Help

If you suspect that a loved one has been a victim of assisted living abuse, you should know that federal and state laws were developed to provide nursing home patient’s with protection from abuse and neglect.  You should seek advice from a qualified elder law attorney immediately.