Will and Inheritance Tax Law

When someone to write a will is an essential part of elder care planning. It is important for anyone that has children or property.  Writing a will helps conserve assets for your family inheritance.  A will is important to any financial plan, especially if minor children are involved.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax Laws have changed over the last few years.  Many states have abolished or modified their inheritance tax laws as they apply to probate.  These changes make tax laws an issue only in large estates. This is true for the federal inheritance law as well. Estates in excess of three million dollars are subject to federal inheritance taxes.  Couples who are considering financial planning should take care to consider the tax ramifications after one spouse dies.  Inheritance tax issues often affect the surviving spouse in ways that can affect the surviving spouse economic future.

Financial Planning for Wills

Financial Plan templates can be a useful tool in preparing to discuss your estate with a financial planner. If you have a large estate or children, financial planning is important especially when you are writing a will.  A good financial planner will be well versed in inheritance tax law and recent changes to that law.  Financial planning will help eliminate or reduce any inheritance tax that accrues from the estate.

Do You Need a Elder Law Lawyer?

A will is an essential part of any financial or estate plan.  Each state have different requirements for executing a valid will.  If you have a complicated estate or financial plan, you should have your will drafted and executed by an experienced attorney.  Choose an attorney experienced in Elder law if your will is part of your financial planning for retirement. An experienced elder law attorney can minimize the problems your family will face at you death through proper planning.

Summary of Wills and Inheritances

Writing a will is important to any financial plan.  The effect of inheritance tax should be considered in drafting any will.  Any type of property can be left in a will.  A valid will is an essential part of estate planning.  Wills can be complicated or simple.  The complexity of your will depends on the amount of property you have to leave or the number and ages of the heirs, you have.  You should have legal counsel assist you in drafting and executing a will to protect your family at a time that is most stressful to the family.