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What is an Elder-Care Lawyer?

Many people are unfamiliar with the term elder care lawyer. It's not surprising, as it's not a topic that comes up much in daily life, but it's an i...

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Nursing Home Laws

Nursing Home Laws Bedsores? Neglect and abuse in our nation’s nursing homes is still a serious problem!

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Estate Planning

Ensure that wishes are carried out. This is one of the important steps a person can make to ensure their estate, health care wishes...

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Advance Directives

Elderly Advance Directives Elderly Advance Directives? Most people do not want to discuss end of life care.

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Pension Planning

Pensions Planning Everyday, Elder people are taken advantage of regarding their pensions. Pension companies commit fraud by cheating seniors out of...

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Elder Law Glossary

Elder Law Glossary Caregiver – A person who directs seniors with everyday activities such as finance, guidance, and health care.

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SSI Benefits

Social Security SSI Benefits Are you or someone you know a senior citizen that is interested in applying for Supplemental Security Income? Suppleme...

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Visitation Rights

Grandparent Visitation Rights Unable to see a grandchild? When a couple gets divorced and one parent gets custody, the other parent is still entit...

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SSI Fraud

Social Security Frauds The future of social security is Uncertain! One problem is Social Security fraud which cost the government millions of dolla...

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Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination at the Workplace     Age discrimination at the workplace is a common occurrence.

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