Nursing Homes Elder Neglect

Elder care negligence is a common occurrence today! Most negligence occurs to seniors through family members and through nursing home services. Seniors have no choice but to enter nursing home living due to family desertion. Due to the lack of support, seniors have to enter a nursing home for care, food, and shelter – Unfortunately most elders may not even get that! You need legal help and advice for your loved one that is suffering in a senior home, from our elder care attorneys.

Nursing Homes Abuse - Neglect

Elder negligence in Nursing homes is causing elder to suffer through physical and mental injuries such as:

  • Lack of Fluids
  • Illness
  • Starvation
  • Bed Sores
  • Depression

Studies have shown that elders who enter nursing homes will be abused more than once. Due to the over population of seniors, nursing homes are going to be over crowded and under staffed. This will be a dilemma for seniors that have to choose a nursing home hospital to have care in there later years. If negligence has happen to your relative by a nursing facility, then get legal help from our nursing homes neglect attorneys today. Do not ignore the suffering of your beloved older relative; they deserve the best standard of care even if it is the minimum requirement by law. These guidelines are set sufficient enough in a human manner to give an ethical standard of care. Unfortunately these minimum standards under elder abuse law are not even followed.

Nursing home abuse should be stopped immediately! In some cases nursing homes often times cause more pain to seniors then their previous living conditions. The elderly should be given good quality of care no matter where they live. You need to contact our nursing homes neglect attorneys to get more information about elder negligence and the rights of the elderly.

Do you or someone you know have been the victim of elder negligence?Contact our nursing homes neglect attorneys now for more information!

Elder Abuse

There are many different types of elder abuse.

Aside from financial, emotional, sexual and physical abuse, a study has shown that neglect is actually the most common form of elder abuse.

Anyone can be an abuser of the elderly.

Over two thirds of abusers are members of the family serving as a caregiver. There wasn't a big difference in the ratio of male to female abusers in a recent one year study; 50.6% were male and 49.3% were female.