Fraud on Seniors

Fraud on Seniors

Studies have found that Elders are scammed more often! Elder people do not realize when they are being scammed. When they do know that they are being scammed, they do not know who to get help from and report it to. This is where our elder abuse attorney can help! Fraud on senior is more vulnerable because of their good credit and lack of awareness of a growing society.

Studies have found that fraud on senior citizens is perpetrated by some of the following:

  • Telemarketers
  • Investment Brokers
  • Health Care Corporations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Door Salesman

Scams committed to elders can cause emotional distress. Studies prove that this can lead to mental and physical problems. Elder scams can also lead to financial problems. This can cause elders to lose housing, fixed plans, and personal belongings. Financial problems can also lead seniors back into the workforce to make back the money they lost.

Now with Baby boomers getting set to retire, more perpetrators will be coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of elder citizen’s vulnerability. Senior citizens are protected from fraud like any other people and can take legal action against scam artists. You should contact your elder abuse attorney concerning elder fraud now!

Do you or someone you know have been involved with elder fraud? Contact our elder abuse attorney about fraud on senior scams.